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OSI Fellows / Interns

OSI has been committed to surgical education since its inception. To further this cause, in 1986, OSI developed a one year fellowship in oral and maxillofacial surgery to further the training of some of the finest oral and maxillofacial surgeons in the country. This fellowship had a heavy emphasis on ambulatory surgery, orthognathic, and TMJ surgery. In total, sixteen surgeons completed the fellowship and have gone on to be leaders of academic institutions, leaders in their communities, and leaders of missionary OMFS services in Africa.

1987 to 2003

Fellows Practice Location
1987-88 Hal Jones, DDS Chattanooga, TN
1988-89 George M. Kushner, DDS, MD Louisville, KY
1989-90 Julie Gaskill, DDS Bowling Green, KY
1990-91 John Gunn, DMD Clarksville, TN
1991-92 Riccardo Ambrogio, DMD Wethersfield, CT
1992-93 John Mc Elroy, DMD Newark, NJ
1993-94 I. E. Davis III, DDS Columbia, SC
1994-95 Vincent Montgomery, DDS Norman, OK
1995-96 Amy D. Field, DMD Nashua, NH
1996-97 Gregory Lung, DMD Honolulu, HI
1997-98 Ngosi N. Etufugh, DDS New York, NY
1998-99 Richard M. Martin, DDS Plano, TX
1999-00 Leslie R. Halpern, PhD, DDS, MD, MPH Boston, MA
2000-01 Anthony T. R. Green, DDS New York, NY
2001-02 Timothy Bartholomew, DDS Cameroon, Africa
2002-03 Jennifer Gordon-Maloney, DDS Antioch, TN