International Denstist Program

Since its inception, OSI has been approached by internationally trained dentists that have sought employment in an American specialty practice.

The majority of foreign trained dentists that have worked or studied at OSI were individuals that had received a dental degree and additional clinical training in their native countries but immigrated to the U.S. desiring to practice clinical dentistry.

The career path for such individuals require that they pass Part One of the NBDE and then compete for an advanced program in a U.S. Dental School that entails two years of additional study. This program results in a DDS degree from a U.S. school and allows them to obtain an American license and to practice in the U.S.

These advanced placement positions are sought out by thousands of foreign trained dentist and are extremely competitive. Since 1995, OSI has had the opportunity to promote the careers of seven exceptional internationally trained dentists.

Individuals interested in these opportunities should contact Dr. Carter at [email protected].